How To Add A Sitemap in Google Webmaster Tool

How To ADD A Sitemap in Webmaster Tool

Add a Sitemap to Google Webmaster Tool and Bing webmaster Tool

First we’ll go with the ” How to upload a Sitemap for static Website”.

Then we’ll do on WordPress Website “How to upload a sitemap for WordPress website”

and the last  we’ll learn “How to upload a Sitemap in wordpress using Yoast SEO Plugin”

To Adding a sitemap to your website and google and bing webmaster tool here we’ll do from the starting we’ll follow these steps

  1. How To Generate A Sitemap
  2. How to Upload A Sitemap to your website
  3. How To add A sitemap on Google Search Console or webmaster tool

1. First all all I will show you how to Generate a Sitemap

A site map (or sitemap) is a list of pages of a web site accessible to crawlers or users. It can be either a document in any form used as a planning tool for Web design, or a Web page that lists the pages on a Web site, typically organized in hierarchical fashion. Source Wikipedia 

Now you know what is the Sitemap  to Generate a sitemap there is many online website  you can just google it “Generate a sitemap” you’ll find thousands of website but there is one very reliable website i would prefer you to Generate a sitemap from XML-Sitemaps  Click here to Generate a Sitemap.

  1. Visit
  2. Type your Website Address
  3. Click on Start
  4. Download Sitemap.xml
  5. Upload it into your website Home Directory

Follow to image Example:


Once it’s Generate a Sitemap you can download it Sitemap.XML file. Follow the Ie image

Download a sitemap.xml

Once you’ve Downloaded you have to upload this site map into your Websites home directory so the link should be like you can do it by Filezilla or Cuteftp or anything you’d like  i will show you here an example from Filezilla

How to Upload a Sitemap in Root Directory

To upload a sitemap in Root Folder or Home directory of your website you have to follow theses steps

  1. Open Filezilla
  2. Login your FTP
  3. Paste it into your website’s folder

“How to upload a Sitemap in wordpress using Yoast SEO Plugin”

To upload a sitemap in WordPress Website using Yoast SEO Plugin there is very easy way to do it.

if you are already using Yoast SEO plugin  for your wordpress website then this  will be perfect for you

but if you are not using Yoast SEO plugin i’d prefer you to download and install Yoast SEO Plugin for your websites Seo and for better ranking.

you can download it the plugin  from here Please Click here to download

once you download and install Yoast SEO Plugin

Goto  Dashboard of your WordPress and in the menu section goto SEO then click on XML Sitemaps as per the shown image

How to Upload A Sitemap in wordpress
How to Upload A Sitemap in wordpress

Now Click on XML Sitemap to view your sitemap and upload it into Google webmaster tool or Bing webmaster tool


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